Universal Thread Review

There is so much talk going on about Target's new line, Universal Thread. I wanted to see for myself just how amazing it all was. So, I went to Target and tried on some items. Of course, I forgot to take pictures, but I do want to share my thought on a few things. Let's get into it!

1. Price

The price of most of the items is great! They have tees for $8 and some other tops for under $20. The jeans are around $24 and the jewelry is priced great! I got some earrings for $7.99 and I saw some necklaces for under $20. I would say the price of this line is great. 

2. Variety

I would say there is a nice variety of items. They have casual items, such as tee shirts, but also have some dresses. They have shoes and handbags along with jewelry. 

3. Style

I love the style of this line. It's casual and comfortable but still really stylish. They have some simple pieces like plain tees, but also more unique items. This tee was really cute and comfortable. 

Universal Threads Tee

I love the simplicity of this line. They are practical items that are still fashionable and would go with a lot. That's important to me. I like to get things that I know will go with a lot. This line is great for that. 

4. Quality

The items I tried on seemed to be pretty good quality, for the price. The jeans I tried on were about $24 so they aren't jeans you'll have forever, but for the price they seemed to be pretty good quality. They are really comfortable and fit well. I tried on these, these, and these. They were all comfortable and fit true to size. I will say the back seemed to be a bit lower so it may go down when bending down. Other than that I really liked them. They have a lot of different styles and fits and they all seem to be good quality. 

5. Overall opinion

I really like this new line. I ended up getting a few tees and two pairs of earrings. I really like the line and I found a few other accessories and shoes I may have to get. I think the clothes are soft and comfortable. There were a few things I tried on and didn't like, either too short and too see through. But I love the tees. They are so soft and I like the colors they have. They also have different style of tees, which is nice. Overall I am very pleased. 

Universal Threads Review
Universal Threads Review

I hope this was helpful! If you're thinking about trying this new line, I recommend giving it a shot! 

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Three Thanksgiving Day Outfits

Thanksgiving is tomorrow! You may already have an outfit planned out, *cough cough me*, but incase you don't, I've put together three easy outfits that you may already have the pieces for! I love when that happens! Shopping your closet can be so fun! 

Here are my Thanksgiving Day outfit ideas! 

Thanksgiving Day Outfit

These jeans are my favorites! They are so comfortable and feel like I'm wearing sweatpants! They're perfect for Thanksgiving! This top is from Loft last year, but really any plaid shirt would give the same look. This top is a light almost sheer material so it's a bit more dressy. These boots are a favorite too. I love the neutral color. You'll notice all three outfits have the same jeans and boots. They may look familiar from this post

Thanksgiving Day Outfit

This cardigan is so pretty in person. It has a lace detail in the back and it flows so nicely. This sweater is no longer online but here is a similar one. It doesn't have the lace but it's a basic black long cardigan sweater that I think is a staple in your closet. The necklace is from Elizabeth Ashlie. It's no longer online, but I've linked some other ones here, here, and here

Thanksgiving Day Outfit

This is such a classic look. I love it. This sweater is so comfortable and the color is a great neutral. It's from last year and no longer online (I'm seeing a trend here lol) but I found similar ones here and here. This one is from Old Navy and I really like their sweaters so I wanted to find similar ones from there too. Any color would be great because the jeans and shoes are neutral and would go with any color. 

I hope you enjoyed these easy Thanksgiving Day outfits. I love putting looks together with items I already have. Most of these pieces are staples and you may already have them in your closet. They're all comfortable and classic. Perfect for the holidays. 

Thanks for reading! 

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Fall Outfit Inspiration

I've put together a few more fall outfits to share with you. I love fall clothes and putting outfits together, I was a fashion merchandising major, so I hope you enjoy and get some inspiration!

Fall outfit 1

This first outfit has my favorite pair of jeans. These are so comfortable and I love the distressing. I live in these in the fall/winter. They have the perfect amount of stretch without losing their shape. I also love this peplum tee from Target. I got it last year but here it is in other colors. I love the oversized look of it and it is so soft and comfortable. These boots are perfect for fall, too. The color is nice and neutral and they are really comfortable. 

Fall outfit 2

Let's talk about this top. I love it! It's from Loft last year but this is a similar one. These are similar jeans to the ones above, just in a different wash. These boots are the same as above. See, they go with everything! The necklace was from Loft last year, too. However, here are a few of my picks that would also go well with this outfit. 1. 2. 3. 

I hope you enjoyed this fall outfit inspiration! I really enjoy putting outfits together so I hope you enjoy seeing them. 

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Fall Outfit Inspiration

As I said awhile ago, I really want to broaden my post content. In addition to home interiors, I want to post more about lifestyle, food, and fashion. This post is all about fashion! As a fashion merchandising major I love clothes and I love styling. I've put together a few fall outfits that I hope bring you some inspiration. 


I love a good pair of distressed jeans and these are the perfect pair. They are so comfortable and affordable. This tee is also a must. It's soft and comfortable and I love the tie on the side. This shirt is from Loft, but this is a close option. These shoes are a staple for fall. I love these earrings and wear them all the time, and this watch goes with everything. 


These jeans and shoes are the same as above. This shirt is from last year, but here is a similar one.


I love this shirt. It is so comfortable and the colors are so pretty. This bracelet is one of my favorites from Partner's in Charm

I hope this gave you some fall fashion inspiration! I will be posting some more outfit ideas soon!

Thanks for reading!