How to Achieve the Fixer Upper Look

Fixer Upper is such a popular show right now. Everyone wants the Joanna Gaines style. Well good news! You can have it! There are a few things that are iconic to Fixer Upper homes and here's how you can get the look in your own home.  

1. Neutrals

Joanna Gaines is famous for her iconic decor style. She sticks to neutrals for a classic look. Black, white, grey, these are all some of her favorite colors to incorporate in her homes. Sticking to a neutral color palette makes it easy to add accessories and pops of color here and there. 

Notice in this picture the walls are a simple grey and the furniture is a neutral cream. This is a great timeless look. 

2. Mixed Media

You will find in a lot of the Gaines' projects they use a mix of wood and metal. This combination ties into the farmhouse style they are so famous for. 

In the first picture she has used a wooden table and added metal chairs. They compliment each other so nicely. The wood brings in warmth and the chairs add a more informal look to the room. In the second picture you can see the open kitchen shelves are wooden with metal piping. I love this look. It's industrial with a farmhouse feel as well. 

3. Shiplap

Ah, the famous shiplap. I think everyone who watches Fixer Upper (so everyone) has an obsession with shiplap thanks to Joanna. It's such a classic accent to add to a space and adds great texture to any room. 

There are so many different ways to incorporate shiplap in your home. In the first picture it is used as an accent only half way up the wall like a chair rail or wainscoting. It lightens up the space with the dark wall color and adds some fun texture. The second picture is the Magnolia House Bed and Breakfast. Here it is used on all the walls and even the ceiling too. It is such an iconic farmhouse look, it works great in the B&B. 

4. Statement Lights

You will find in every fixer upper house a statement light fixture. It may be over the dinning room table or it may be in the kitchen. Joanna does such a great job incorporating fun light fixtures that anchor any room.


5. Subway tile

Subway tile is a classic look that never goes out of style. That may be why Joanna loves it so much and rarely strays from it. 

She uses it in bathrooms like the picture on the left, and even in her own home which is pictured on the right. Subway tile is so simple and classic.

6. The old with the new

Joanna loves to shop at antique shops and buy at auctions. She love to incorporate older pieces in the homes they do. Adding older pieces adds character to any space. 

Here you see an old church pew up against the wall. It is such a unique piece and adds a lot of character to the room. A lot of the houses they renovate are older anyways, so adding older pieces is a way to stay true to the house's original charm. 

7. It's all about the details

You will notice in every home they renovate, Joanna pay close attention to the details. Accessorising the rooms and adding personal touches is something she does so well. She loves using greenery to add texture and warmth and using architectural pieces on walls as art. 

Each of these rooms have florals and greenery as well as unique architectural pieces. These are great ways to add character to any room. 

I hope these tips helped you find ways to incorporate Joanna Gaines's famous style in your home. 

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Thanks for reading!