Pantry Organization

I love organization. I love it when everything has it's place and everything is easy to find. That being said, I don't always have everything organized. However, our pantry was at the point where I couldn't take it anymore. It needed help. I got tired of going in for a can of tomatoes and coming out with a jar of jelly. 

This was our pantry before. 

There was no organization at all. The spices didn't even stand up on the wire racks, they kept falling over. Our pantry is a decent size so I really wanted to utilize it. 

This is our pantry now. 

I got these white bins from the dollar store for $1. They work perfectly. I also got smaller ones for the spices. I can now see what spices I have and when I want cinnamon I don't accidently grab garlic. 

The chalkboard labels were leftover from our wedding, but I've seen them at different craft stores. The labels help organize and keep things together. I have labels for staple items, baking, sauces, cans, snacks, grains, pasta, and miscellaneous. On the right side I have items we use often out on their own, like the oatmeal. Everything is easily accessible. 

This was such an inexpensive project that solved a big problem. 

I hope this gave you some organization inspiration!

Thanks for reading!