How to Decorate with Greenery

I love incorporating greenery into my decor with faux potted plants and wreaths. It brings a natural feel into a space and I love it. If you want to bring a fresh and natural look into your room, keep reading. 

Small faux potted plants are a great way to bring some "life" into a room. Although they aren't real plants, they give the same look. I like displaying them in baskets or on a bookshelf. 

I just got this plant from Marshalls and I love the cement container it's in. I got two of them and put one in my kitchen cookbook basket. 

These plants don't have to be small. I love these two galvanized metal tin plants. My mother-in-law got these for me and I love them. I have them as a centerpiece on my dining table at the moments, but they were on our back porch for awhile too. 

Another way I love to incorporate greenery is with wreaths. I love magnolia wreaths and there are so many ways to display them. This is how I have one in our living room. It's hanging from an old framed screen. I painted the frame and made this wreath to hang on it.  

I love decorating with greenery, whether it be faux potted plants or wreaths. There are so many different ways to incorporate this natural look into your home. I hope this gave you some inspiration to try it yourself!

Thanks for reading!