A Farmhouse Style Bedroom - Reveal

It's finally time to reveal our bedroom! After paint, new trim, some new decorations, and a lot of work, I'm so excited to show you our new room! Here is the storyboard I shared a while back. I really wanted the look to be light and airy with natural touches. I loved the idea of using some black accents with some natural wood accents as well. 

Bedroom Storyboard.jpg


And here is our new bedroom!

I love the lighter color we chose for the walls. It's Sherwin Williams Sea Salt and it's the perfect light grey/blue. We painted the doors white and spray painted the door knobs black. This is such an easy and inexpensive way to update interior doors. 

I love how the hanging vases turned out above our bed. I may do a tutorial for it if anyone is interested. It's really easy and inexpensive.

Right now we have sheer white curtains, but I may change them up for drop cloth curtains like I have in the storyboard. I like the airy feeling the sheer white ones bring, but I also really like the natural look of the drop cloth curtains. 

I love the way our bedroom turned out. It's exactly what I had envisioned. 

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Thanks for reading!