Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

It's no surprise that I love the farmhouse style. Even if you don't know me that well, by looking at my past posts I think it is pretty clear that I have a mild obsession with all things farmhouse. I think my personal style would be more accurately described as modern farmhouse, but farmhouse still. One of the project on our list of to-do's is our master bedroom. There's not much that needs done in there, some new paint, carpet eventually, and some new decor and styling. So, I wanted to put together some farmhouse style bedroom items to share. Enjoy!

The main thing that most of these items have in common is wood elements. The bed has a natural wood look, the sign has a wood frame, the vases are attached to pieces of wood and then the nightstand is also wood. Incorporating this natural element is an easy way to tie in farmhouse style. 

Texture is another great way to achieve the farmhouse look. The bedding here has some nice texture that adds some interest. The vases and the flowers add some dimension and texture as well. 

I love the wood and metal look on this nightstand too. The mix of these two materials adds interest and it brings in the modern farmhouse look. 

All of these items are great examples of some ways to bring in some farmhouse elements. Wood, texture and dimension, and mixed materials like wood and metal are some things you want to look for if you are trying to achieve the popular farmhouse style. 

I hope this gave you some inspiration! 

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Thanks for reading!