Ikea Ektorp Sofa - First Impression

I am so excited for our new Ikea sofa! We got it a few months ago when they were having a sale on them and we got it the other day from my parents (who were storing it for us, they are the best!) I wanted to share my first impression thoughts on it in case anyone is thinking about purchasing one as well. 

Don't mind the off center frame and wreath behind the sofa. I'm redoing that wall so it won't be like that long :) 

Don't mind the off center frame and wreath behind the sofa. I'm redoing that wall so it won't be like that long :) 


1. Assembly

As with most Ikea items, you need to assemble the couch yourself. This was actually really easy. My husband and I put the couch together in under 30 minutes. It came in a huge box and inside was the couch base, the arms, and then the 6 cushions (3 seat and 3 back). 

2. The look

I love the way it looks. It is exactly what I was imaging. We got the lofallet beige color and it's the perfect neutral. It's a simple design but will go with anything. I wanted something that would go with different design choices, because we all know I will be changing things up. We have a new rug coming soon and I can't wait to see it all together. 

3. Comfort

It is so comfortable. It's firm but not hard and still soft enough that it doesn't hurt to sit on. My husband and I both like a couch that has really good support and so far this couch is great. 


Other thoughts...

I love that the sofa has a slipcover. It makes it so easy to keep clean. Each seat cushion has it's own cover, so if there's a spill on one cushion you can wash just that one. 

It's a great size. We got the three seat sofa, but you can also get a love seat or sectional. The sofa is perfect for our size of living room. It opens the room up so much. 

The price is also a huge pro of this couch. We got it when it was on sale for $100 off so it was even cheaper than normal. It is normally $379 for the lofallet beige. You can interchange the slipcovers, too, if you want to change up the look without breaking the bank. 

So, for my first impressions of the Ektorp sofa, I would definitely recommend it for anyone who is looking for a comfortable, stylish, affordable sofa. We haven't had it for long, but I have a feeling my feelings won't change. 

Thanks for reading!