Some of My Favorite Items from My Shop

Happy Tuesday! ! I wanted to write a post focusing on my shop. I started my online decor shop abut four months ago and it is something I am so passionate about. I love interior design and decorating so this seemed like the natural next step in my business. 

I picked out items for my shop that I love and I think would work well in homes of different styles. I wanted to share some of my favorite items with you that I think you will love as well. 


Wood Tablet Holder

Wood Tablet Holder

I love this tablet holder! It is so unique with the white top and the wood bottom. The back has a black metal stand which is also unique. I haven't seen one like this and I love that! It looks great displayed in the kitchen with a cookbook on it. This is definitely a piece that would work well in any home. 


Stoneware Berry Baskets

Stoneware Berry Baskets

These berry baskets are another staple piece in a kitchen. I love the neutral colors. They look great holding your fresh berries and are actually usable! I love them. 


Large and Small Round Wooden Pedestals 

Large and Small Round Wood Pedestals

These pedestals are great accent pieces that can be used many different ways. They can be stacked, like above, or you can use them by themselves. They are great for holding a candle or a vase but could also be used for a food table to add some different heights and visual interest. I love these pieces. 

Head over to my Shop tab to check out the rest of the shop. I would love to hear what you think in the comments! 

Thanks for reading!