Moving Tips

We've moved! We are so excited to be home owners and I am so excited to get to decorating our home!


Moving can be stressful. When we moved to California it was right after we got married and John was already living out there so his stuff was already there. We needed to have all of my stuff moved and all of our wedding gifts.

This is where my first tip comes in. Make sure you hire a reputable moving company. We chose a moving company without looking at the reviews. BIG MISTAKE. My stuff ended up taking around 2 months to arrive! We would call frequently to find out where it was and when the estimated date of delivery was, and we got the response "I don't know where it is". Really? You don't know where ALL MY BELONGINGS ARE?! It turns out it never left Ohio. We ended up having my dad go pick it up from the warehouse where it was being stored and then having a more reliable moving company bring my stuff to California. Needless to say when we moved back to Ohio we made sure to book a reputable moving company, and we are so glad we did.

My next tip is for when you get your keys. Yay! You've signed your name a thousand times and now the house is yours! Next step, cleaning. This is my least favorite and favorite part. Cleaning, yuck. However, it gives the house a fresh start. When we moved in we had a few containers of Clorox wipes, a vacuum cleaner, and a carpet steamer we rented from Ace Hardware. I also lined all of our kitchen cabinets and drawers with contact paper. That is not easy and not fun but so worth it. I got about half way done and decided to just line them instead sticking the paper to the bottoms. Great idea!

My third tip is to label your boxes when you're moving. That way when the movers bring your stuff in they know where to put the boxes, and it makes unpaking easier. No need to search for your coffee mugs in a box filled with clothes!

I hope these tips helped! I will be posting some house pictures soon along with some changes we've made so far! Thanks for reading!