Transitioning Into Winter Decor

Now that Christmas is over it's time to take down the tree and put away the garland. It's time to pack up the Christmas pillows and signs and store the holiday dishes until next year. This can be a tricky time of year to decorate for. It's not the holidays, but it's not Spring yet either. It can be difficult to try and decorate for winter without making it look like Christmas. 

I've gathered a few examples of winter decor to help you transition your home. 

I like to design with neutral colors for winter. Something about whites and greys reminds me of winter. 

Adding texture is always a good thing too. Just as you would wear a sweater in the winter, you can style with the texture as well. Faux fur is another fun texture to use. Cable knit and faux fur are both so cozy and warm, that's exactly what you want in the winter cold. 

I like to also add in wood elements. Natural elements like wood tend to warm a space up. A wooden tray or wooden candle sticks are a great way to add in some warmth. 

So to recap, neutrals are a must have, texture is a nice touch, and wood accents bring in some nice warmth. If you stick to these three tips you will be sure to have a cozy and relaxing winter space. 

Thanks for reading!