Storyboard Reveal

I am so excited to share with you the final look of this beautiful room I worked on a few months ago. This is my sister's bedroom and I am in love. My sister and brother-in-law moved into my grandparents' house about a year and a half ago. The house was built in the 1920's so it is old and gorgeous! Hardwood floors and thick baseboards are just a few beautiful details in this home. I was so happy to get to help them design their master retreat.  


I chose this cozy grey upholstered bed for them because it brought in some really nice texture and was a nice lighter color. The studs on the headboard add an extra design detail as well. They already had this comforter so I worked the design around it. I fell in love with these pillows as soon as I saw them and they worked perfectly bringing in lighter colors to a darker comforter. The walls were already painted this lighter grey, which I am obsessed with. The nightstands add a bit of a modern touch, which is my brother-in-law's style. Their room is pretty large so I thought it would be fun to add a little reading nook with a chair or two. The grey is the perfect color and the details work well with the headboard. I love this piece of art for above the bed. It ties in the colors from the pillows perfectly. The rug works well to bring in more texture and the color is perfect. 

Here is the room all finished. I love it!

As you can see there are a few modifications that they made, which is why a storyboard is such a great way to redesign. I gave them ideas and they executed them in their own time and were able to change things if they wanted. In this case they decided to have a dresser here instead of a vanity. It works well in the space and fits their needs. 

Above the bed, they decided to paint their own artwork and it turned out great! What a fun DIY! They used the original painting from the storyboard for inspiration, bringing in the same colors and using the same lines. That is another advantage of a storyboard, you can take the items I select and DIY a few if you choose! 

I had so much fun helping them design their master retreat. The colors and the character were so much fun to play with. 

If you would like a storyboard of your own, check out my e-design page. This is a great way to redesign a room and be able to execute it in your own time. Whether you want a whole new room design, or just need some help adding those little details, there is a storyboard option for you. I would love to help you turn your house into a home. 

Thanks for reading!