5 Ingredients for the Perfect Farmhouse Style

It's no secret that the farmhouse style is popular right now. There is something so classic and simple about this growing trend. The wood tones and the white make for a relaxing space that anyone would love to live in. I've come up with 5 "ingredients" to achieve the farmhouse style everyone loves. 

5 Ingredients for the Perfect Farmhouse Style


1. Wood Tones

The farmhouse style is warm and cozy. Adding touches of wood will help bring that into the space. I love wooden vases, dough bowls, and wooded signs. These are all great ways to incorporate some wood tones to achieve the farmhouse style. 

2. White

Farmhouses are light and airy. A great way to get a light and airy feel is to decorate with whites. This isn't to say you can't use colors in your decor, but a more neutral color palette will help achieve the desired look of a natural, cozy farmhouse. I love to use white furniture such as sofas and chairs, pillows, and dishes. The neutral look is perfect for a farmhouse. 

3. Hardwood Floors

This isn't something that would be a quick change, but if you are redoing your home and want a farmhouse look, then hardwoods are the way to go. 

4. Open Shelving

Many farmhouse kitchens have open shelving. This is a great way to display nice dishes and it opens the space up too. I like the idea of adding a few open shelves in addition to your cabinets. That way you can still have the functionality of the cabinets but the look of the open shelving. 

5. Shiplap

This may be the most popular of all of these ingredients, thanks to Joanna Gaines. The texture it brings to a space can't be duplicated. Whether it's painted white or left natural, shiplap is a great way to incorporate farmhouse style in your home.

So, with a little bit of wood elements, a sprinkle of white, some hardwood floors, a dash of open shelving, and a heap of shiplap, you will have the perfect farmhouse style. 

I hope you enjoyed this little farmhouse style "recipe".

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Thanks for reading!