A Modern Farmhouse Bathroom - Storyboard

I mentioned before that we are going to be redoing our upstairs bathroom and now it's that time! On Friday we will be quoting Chip Gaines, "It's demo day!" I'm so excited to see the end result! 

This is how our bathroom looks right now. My husband started patching and sanding so that's what the white spots are on the walls. The walls are this pink/red/brown color that makes the room feel smaller than it is. The floor is a vinyl that is made to look like a stone with browns and tans. The vanity is probably the original with a brown vanity base and a light vanity top. 

I can't wait to bring in some lighter colors and update this space to our modern farmhouse style!

Bathroom Before
Bathroom Before
Bathroom Before
Bathroom Before

Just like I do for my clients, I like to make a storyboard before we do a project. It helps me see what the space will look like and I can see the different products next to each other. Here is the storyboard I made for our full bathroom. 

Bathroom Storyboard

We're painting the walls a lighter green/gray color and replacing the outdated floor with some wood look tile in a light brown.

We got a new vanity that's white with a white top. The bottom is open which will help make the room not feel so small. We chose to go with the same faucet we have in our downstairs bathroom. I love the simple classic look of it.

Instead of a towel bar, I want to use hooks to tie in the farmhouse style. I chose black to contrast all the light colors I have in here.

The light fixture is modern farmhouse and simple. I love it.

I have some wood and black shelves I'm going to put behind the toilet for extra storage. I got some glass and copper canisters from the Target dollar spot I'm going to use along with some copper wire baskets for even more storage.

For the rugs, I want to stay light and bright with some simple white bath mats.

I really wanted to tie in some rustic charm with the mirror. I'm not sure if we're going with this exact mirror, but we want the same look. 

We're keeping our shower curtain because I love it so much! The colors tie in so nicely with the new design. I picked the wall color with this shower curtain in mind. 

My overall feel for this bathroom is modern farmhouse, which is basically our entire house. I love the mix of farmhouse style with some modern elements. 

I hope you enjoyed seeing my vision for our bathroom. I will share the after photos when it's done! 

Thanks for reading! 

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A Farmhouse Master Bedroom

We are in the process of redoing our master bedroom and just need to paint the doors and door knobs and add new trim. We have already painted the walls and I wanted to share with you my storyboard I put together! 


This is my vision for our room. We have the bedding, pictured top left, and our bed. We also have the black sign and the window frame. Our wall color is Sherwin Williams Sea Salt and I love it! It's a light relaxing blue/green/grey. I want to do drop cloth curtains with black rods and add light lamp shades to go with our existing lamp bases. On my dresser I want to add some vintage pieces like old glass bottles and old books. I want the feel of the room to be relaxing and comfortable. 

I am so excited to finish up this space! It already looks a lot different with the lighter walls compared to the green that was there before. The white doors and baseboards will help make the room feel even brighter. With only two windows, we need all the help we can get with brightness. That's why I chose a lighter bedspread and lighter paint color. 

I love adding some natural feeling pieces as well, like the metal wall vase and the florals. I think it makes the room feel airy and relaxing. 

I can't wait to share the after photos!

Thanks for reading! 

What Is E-Design

Some people may be wondering what e-design is, how it works, and who it's for. Since this is something I love to do, I thought that I would explain what exactly it is. 

First let's talk about what e-design is. E-design is virtual interior design that provides you with a complete design of your room personalized to your style and needs. It is a way to have someone help decorate your home from anywhere. It's typically cheaper than traditional interior design and is convenient because you can add the suggested pieces whenever you want. 

The process is simple. On my e-design page you will see all the services I offer. 

Once you select the service you want you will see a questionnaire to fill out. This questionnaire will help me make sure I am meeting all your needs for the room. The questions are simple. For example, I will ask the dimensions of the room. This is so that I know how large certain pieces of furniture can be. I will also ask your style preferences and your likes and dislikes. This is so that I can make sure I am picking out pieces that you will love. If you like modern design, that's how I will design your storyboard. If you like rustic elements, I will make sure to tie that in. The whole process is to make sure you get the exact look you want. 

After you fill out the questionnaire I will get started on designing your storyboard!

Here is an example storyboard I designed for a master bedroom.


This is an example of what a finished storyboard looks like. You will also receive a list of all the products and a link to purchase each of them. 

Now that you understand more about what e-design is and how the process works you may be wondering who it's for. It's for anyone!

That's what's so great about this service. Anyone, anywhere can receive this service because it's all done virtually. There's no need to live in the same city or even the same state. I live in Ohio, but I can work with someone in California. 

It's also great for anyone who doesn't want to purchase everything all at once. Once you receive your storyboard you can implement the design in your own time. There is no pressure to purchase everything all at the same time. If you only want to add the throw pillows for now, you can do that. If you want to purchase everything you can do that too. It's up to you. 

I hope this helped you better understand what e-design is and how it works. 

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Thanks for reading!